Production by Marmaduke Theatre Company, as part of the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival. Featuring Helen McTernan and Ilana Seagull. Photos by Chasi Annexy.

Production by Full Circle Theatre Company. Featuring Jenna Carra and Elizabeth Dugas. Photos by Chasi Annexy.

Spring Tides

Production by Boomerang Theatre Company. Featuring Elizabeth Audley, Jason Liebman, Michael Mraz, and Susan Woods. Photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum,

Production by Cardboard Box Collaborative, Philadelphia. Featuring Jeff Berry, Matt Dell'Olio, Ashley Kelly, and Christine Perrotta.

The Cellar

Production by City Attic Theatre. Featuring Brian Greer, Dianna Schoenborn, and Joshua Seidner. Photos by Amanda Embry.


Performance at The Tank: Collective Unconscious. Produced by Analogous. Featuring Andrew Beal, Ed Bear, Jeff Scot Carey, Julianne Carney, Amanda Embry, Marie Evelyn, Melissa Gawlowski, Tariq Hamami, Nick Lesley, Qui Nguyen, Gregory Reynolds, Melisa Tien, and Andrea Williams. Photos by Jacob Boysen.