Metis Invited to TXT FST

Metis, an ongoing project between myself and Marie Evelyn exploring the concept of communication and miscommunication, is performing every Tuesday this month as part of TXT FST. Metis was born from my desire to find a way to create improvisation through theatre that's akin to musical improvisation. I'm testing out the idea of creating a verbal/movement vocabulary, and more recently (courtesy of Marie) testing out a rule-based system of interaction, at least as a starting point.

About the series: TXT FST is series of multiple artist performance/workshops aimed at fostering the development of performative text works. It provides an opportunity for writer musician artists and/or writers, musicians, and artists to find ways to approach the use of the written word (or non-written, or non-word) in performance.

It's a wonderful opportunity for me to work out a lot of ideas I've been experimenting with. Here's the locale: 

Reanimation Library
543 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY

You can check out the page about the project on the Analogous website. It describes it in context of what we've done in the past.

The experiment continues...