My first semester at NYU has already been incredibly informative for me, both as an educator and as a playwright. I am fortunate to have wonderful instructors, such as Alexander Santiago-JirauAmy Cordileone, and David Montgomery. While the focus of my learning is on my self as educator, it affects my thinking as a playwright, as well. For example, in Joe L. Kincheloe's Critical Pedagogy, I've read:

"Do we want socially regulated workers with the proper attidudes for their respective rung on the workplace ladder? Or do we want empowered, learned, highly skilled democratic citizens who have the confidence and the savvy to improve their own lives and to make their communities more vibrant places in which to live, work, and play?"

I am currently contemplating how I might create pieces, as an artist, to support this mission, which is in line with my perspective as an educator. How might a writer support social change, support individual questioning and thinking that has the goal of improving the community/societal environment, without being simply didactic (and thus not interesting)? It's a compelling question, and an ongoing investigation.