Other Work

I thought I might post some updates about the other work I'm up to, as I've been pretty immersed in that lately. I'm wrapping up my coursework in my PhD in the program in Educational Theatre at New York University-- the fall will be my last semester of classes! It's very exciting for me. I'm looking forward to moving on to the dissertation, which will allow me to talk with a lot of folks whom I find fascinating. 

This year I've also had the honor of participating in the New York Foundation for the Arts' first year-long program for "Emerging Leaders" in arts administration. It's been such a gift to learn things that I can both bring back to my work at Lincoln Center and apply to my own career, as well.

I've also been tremendously enjoying my new role as Program Manager at Lincoln Center Education, where I'm overseeing partnerships with a whole slew of local partnering schools, plus some more in-depth emerging partnerships that I'm tremendously excited about. 

All of these items do limit my playwriting time, but I'm happy to say I am poking around at something new, which I think will be stretching me in some very new ways. It's fun work, and I look forward to getting some more empty space on my docket to fully dive in without any distractions. 

But all in all, it's happy stuff, however I may be engaging with the art. It's all headed toward the same greater goal, though I will look forward to having the space and time very soon to dig deeply into my art-making again.