Details About Production of Release

Release is being produced this March/April as part of Full Circle Theater Company's one-act festival called "Unlikely Allies". 

Performances are on Sundays: March 11, March 18, March 25, and April 1, all at 4:00 p.m., at the Triple Crown bar (downstairs): 330 Seventh Ave., between 28th and 29th Streets.

Tickets are $10 (at the door). There are also all-night drink specials for attendees (as it is, after all, a bar!).
You can check out more info about the company and the festival on their website.


Flights of Fancy with Boomerang Theatre Company

I'm looking forward to attending Boomerang's Flights of Fancy benefit this Saturday, which is supporting their annual First Flight festival (reading schedule here). Last year I was delighted to be a part of this festival of new works. This year's lineup includes a play by Gregory Romero, who I enjoyed working with back when I was Resident Playwright/Literary Manager of City Attic Theatre.

Looking ahead to my production of Spring Tides in March, I'm so excited to see everyone again and switch my headspace from student-land. It's nice to leave behind the books for just a bit!

Tickets are available online for the event, for those who are interested.


My first semester at NYU has already been incredibly informative for me, both as an educator and as a playwright. I am fortunate to have wonderful instructors, such as Alexander Santiago-JirauAmy Cordileone, and David Montgomery. While the focus of my learning is on my self as educator, it affects my thinking as a playwright, as well. For example, in Joe L. Kincheloe's Critical Pedagogy, I've read:

"Do we want socially regulated workers with the proper attidudes for their respective rung on the workplace ladder? Or do we want empowered, learned, highly skilled democratic citizens who have the confidence and the savvy to improve their own lives and to make their communities more vibrant places in which to live, work, and play?"

I am currently contemplating how I might create pieces, as an artist, to support this mission, which is in line with my perspective as an educator. How might a writer support social change, support individual questioning and thinking that has the goal of improving the community/societal environment, without being simply didactic (and thus not interesting)? It's a compelling question, and an ongoing investigation.

Starting the PhD

This month I've begun my PhD studies at NYU Steinhardt's program in Educational Theatre. And so far it's been amazing. I'm completely thrilled and grateful to be having the experience. It's wonderful to combine the art-self with the educator-self.

Getting the PhD

This fall, I'm going to begin doctorate studies at the Steinhardt School at New York University, in order to pursue my PhD in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities. I'm very excited to combine my arts-self with my education-self, as I'm certain this program will do.

It'll be an interesting juggling act with the upcoming production of my play this fall, but I am eager for the challenge. I'm also looking forward to completing my newest script before the school term hits!

Spring Tides at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference

Spring Tides has been selected for presentation at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska! The conference runs from June 12th through the 18th.

I've heard wonderful things about the conference, and I'm very much looking forward to visiting Alaska for the first time!

The listing is here.

Lincoln Center Profile

I was profiled in the December newsletter of Lincoln Center (where I work). The file is in my new "Library" page, which I hope to make a bit prettier soon. At any rate, the interview is on Page 3. It focuses on my recent sojourn to Peru. Here's a link to the page.

Spring Tides Tomorrow at First Flight

We have slightly new cast for the reading tomorrow at the Boomerang Theatre Company's First Flight Reading Series.

Here it is:

Jane - Synge Maher
Drew - Jason Liebman
Edward/Frankie - Mateo Moreno
Meghan/Bernadina - Catherine McNelis

Directed by Michael Criscuolo

Rehearsal went really well, and I'm so very excited to see the performance! Here are the details again for the reading locale:

ART/NY, 520 8th Ave., 3rd Floor (between 36th and 37th St.)

There are many studio spaces at ART/NY, but these readings will be in the room called "The Room".

Looking forward!

Metis Invited to TXT FST

Metis, an ongoing project between myself and Marie Evelyn exploring the concept of communication and miscommunication, is performing every Tuesday this month as part of TXT FST. Metis was born from my desire to find a way to create improvisation through theatre that's akin to musical improvisation. I'm testing out the idea of creating a verbal/movement vocabulary, and more recently (courtesy of Marie) testing out a rule-based system of interaction, at least as a starting point.

About the series: TXT FST is series of multiple artist performance/workshops aimed at fostering the development of performative text works. It provides an opportunity for writer musician artists and/or writers, musicians, and artists to find ways to approach the use of the written word (or non-written, or non-word) in performance.

It's a wonderful opportunity for me to work out a lot of ideas I've been experimenting with. Here's the locale: 

Reanimation Library
543 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY

You can check out the page about the project on the Analogous website. It describes it in context of what we've done in the past.

The experiment continues...

Spring Tides in First Flight: Details

We have a date and time for our spot in the First Flight Reading Series with the Boomerang Theatre Company! The reading will be Sunday, Nov. 21st at 2 p.m.

The location: ART/NY, 520 8th Ave., 3rd Floor (between 36th and 37th St.)

The director: Michael Criscuolo

The cast:

       Synge Maher as Jane

       Philip Emeott as Drew

       Beth Ann Leone as Meghan/Bernardina

       Mateo Moreno as Edward/Frankie

       with stage directions by Sara Thigpen

This is a wonderful company to work with, and I'm so very excited to be a part of the series. Hope to see you there.

Spring Tides at Le Petit Chandelier

As mentioned, the first reading of Spring Tides will be on Sunday, Nov. 14th at 5:30 p.m. The location is Le Petit Chandelier in Gowanus/Park Slope, Brooklyn. Admission is free, and there will be a reception afterward. 

Address: 281 3rd Ave., between Carroll and President (closest train is the R to Union)

Here is my amazing cast:

       Elizabeth Audley as Jane

       Matthew Berg as Drew

       Allison McLemore Stratton as Meghan/Bernardina

       Paul Reisman as Edward/Frankie

Come check it out if you can!

Upcoming Spring Tides Reading

There will be a reading next month of Spring Tides, its first reading since the Philly production by Cardboard Box Collaborative. I'm looking forward to bringing its new incarnation back to NYC! The reading will be at Le Petit Chandelier in Brooklyn-- it's a new reading series curated by the amazing Jean Taylor.

The performance will be on Sunday, November 14 at 5:30 p.m. Free, of course. And there will be snacks and beverage items.

The address: 281 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Closest subway is the R to Union.

Should be a fun event!

New Play with Boomerang Theatre Company

I'm taking part in a 26-hour play event with the Boomerang Theatre Company this weekend. It's called Rock 'N' Roles, and the idea is that six playwrights will be paired with directors and actors on Sunday evening, given a classic rock song to inspire a new work, then sent home to write a ten-minute play overnight. In the morning we'll rehearse and stage the play for a performance in the evening.

All of this excitement is taking place on Sunday/Monday of this week. The performance is Monday the 27th at 7 p.m. at the Connelly Theater on 220 E. 4th St. (Manhattan). The cover is $10 (as a fundraiser for Boomerang's upcoming season), and that includes tickets into the prize drawings, as well as drink specials, etc.

I'm much looking forward to working with this fantastic company. It should be a fun time, too. Hope you can make it!