Selected Full-length Plays

Spring Tides (formerly titled On the Line)

Jane, newly pregnant, escapes onto a beach through a closet door and finds a strangely-familiar world under attack. As she, a greaser, and a Spanish nun battle monsters and brandish swords and stones, the line between real and imaginary blurs, and to save them all, Jane will have to make the decision of her life.

        Productions: Boomerang Theatre Company, NYC  

        Cardboard Box Collaborative, Philadelphia

        Ohio University Mainstage

        Readings:  Boomerang Theatre Company's First Flight Reading Series

        Le Petit Chandelier, curated by Jean Taylor, NYC 

        Brooklyn College Directors Lab, Theatre Row, NYC

        CAT Tales, City Attic Theatre, NYC

        Victory Gardens (showcase), Chicago

The Frankophile (formerly titled The Critic)

Alceste, the infamous misanthrope, has left his place in Moliére's play in search of a world up to his standards. After four centuries of refusing change and running from play to play, he is confronted by Moliére, returned from the dead and hell-bent on rewriting him entirely. Faced with the deadline of his life, Alceste must swallow his pride, face his past, and discover that even stock characters have the power to change.

        Production: City Attic Theatre, NYC

        Reading: Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, Abingdon Theatre, NYC

        Staged Reading: Ohio University Playwrights’ Festival


Fran is mourning the death of her estranged daughter Cathy when she is confronted by a young woman named Aiko, who insists that Cathy is actually alive. But to learn more, Fran will have to let Aiko stay-- in Cathy's old room. As Aiko settles in, the secrets she holds begin to overturn Fran's sense of what's real.

        Reading: Ohio University Playwrights’ Festival

The True Story of Harold Tubbsman                         

Harold has amnesia. His wife welcomes him back to their chicken farm. A spy arrives to remind him that he's undercover, not really married, and that she's his lover. The spy is hot. The wife is not. Which truth would you choose?

        American College Theatre Festival, Region III Finalist

        First Place, Alpha Psi Omega Playwriting Contest

        Production: Central Michigan University

The Summer That God Paid a Visit to Hell

Gina is another small-town girl in Hell, Michigan who seems destined for an average "townie" life: she's pregnant, working at the local dive bar, and not seeing a lot of possibilities. Secretly, though, she's always felt she was meant for more-- that she was born for greatness. Then the angel Gabriel arrives, announcing she's the new mother of God. Now she just has to convince everybody else.

        Second Place, Alpha Psi Omega Playwriting Contest

        Productions: Hong Kong Cultural Center, Hong Kong

        Central Michigan University



Selected Short Plays


Maya wants to play "two truths and a lie". Baz wants to talk about the truth. Maya's ready to slug him, if he didn't keep slipping away. A play written for teenagers.

        Productions: As part of Hall PassFuture of Storytelling Festival (Blindspot Collective)

        NYU Forum on Site-Specific Performance 

        Additional performances in high schools in California


Beth has decided to move out of big sis' apartment and is getting rid of everything she doesn't need. This may include her arms, her legs, and probably her ex-boyfriend.

        Productions: Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival (Marmaduke Theatre Company), NYC

        Full Circle Theater Company, NYC

        Reading: ATHE/AATE National Conference, NYC

The Incredible Journey

A stoner and a Tea Party rallier find common ground, fall in love, and bond over burritos in this musical homage to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

        Written for/ Produced by: Boomerang Theater Company's Rock 'N' Roles event 

Ice Holes (three-part short play series written in collaboration with Greg Romero)

Admiral Peary, Francis Drake, Ponce de Leon and Minik the Inuit are stranded together on an island. Hijinks ensue. Featuring a cameo by Erik the Red.

        Staged reading: CAT Tales, City Attic Theatre, NYC

The Cellar

Two teens’ plan to have a little creepy fun in an abandoned house takes a turn for the worse in this play performed completely in the dark.

        Productions: Strawberry One-Act Festival, NYC (Semi-Finalist), (City Attic Theatre), NYC

        5th Annual Festival of Samhain, Abrams Arts Center, NYC

        OG Productions, Columbus, OH

A Beer Goggle Aria

A drunk girl at a kegger explains just what she's looking for.

       Finalist, Collaboraction Sketchbook Festival, Chicago

Mimi Meets Her Match

 A musical murder mystery starring a tough-talking 1920s starlet, written for the 52nd Street Project's       One on One series.

        Written for/ Produced by: 52nd Street Project, New York



Spring Tides (excerpt)

Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference: The Best of the 2009-2012 Monologue Workshop (Focus)

An American Lamp (excerpt)

New Monologues for Women, by Women, Volume II (Heinemann)

The Cock of the Walk (excerpt)

Audition Arsenal for Women in Their 20s (Smith and Kraus)

Whispers in the Wind (excerpt)

Audition Arsenal for Men in Their 30s (Smith and Kraus)


Other Projects


Experimental music/theatre hybrid; produced by Analogous at The Tank: Collective Unconscious, NYC

Workshopped as part of Txt Fst at the Reanimation Library in Brooklyn


Original dramatic series for television produced by Kean University and directed by AC Weary